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That moment when you realize just how much trouble you’re in.


When the complaint hits your desk, 

 and you suddently grasp just how much easier

 your life would have been... 


 ...if only your company had documented

 employee processes and procedures.


An Employee Handbook helps 

protect you from a world of legal hurt...


...and a custom-tailored Morris Handbook

 can be your most effective insurance.


I’m Michele Morris and I’m here to help you.

I’m an attorney with more than twenty-seven years of practical experience,
and a concentration in North Carolina employment law.

   And I’ll tell you this: Whether you hire a professional, or write it yourself, 
   an Employee Handbook is your best defense against employee litigation.



If you have employees...You need an Employee Handbook

... probably the single most important step your company can take


You need an Employee Handbook that is

  • Up to date
  • Consistent with North Carolina and Federal law
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Customized for your employees and your firm


A Morris Handbook is the quick, easy, inexpensive solution that can save you thousands!



Your company.

My expertise.

Combined in a professional, custom-tailored Employee Handbook.

  • Provide professional confidence for your management
  • Simplify your employee interactions
  • Utilize clear, consistent, customized managment tools
  • Avoid costly fines and litigations
A custom-tailored Morris Handbook
could be you company’s most important investment.

3 Real-World Mistakes
No Business Owner S
hould Ever Make 


1. Assuming that you’re”probably” in compliance with US

      and North Carolina employment laws.

2. Not having simple, consistent documented procedures
      for typical employee problems...when you really need them.
3. Totally screwing up a wrongful termination or harrasment complaint.

Your own custom-tailored

 Morris Handbook

makes these problems



Do your employee meetings look like this?



Of course not.



We don’t live in a stock photo.



We live in the Real World. 



That’s why you need
a custom-tailored
Morris Employee Handbook. 



Your Morris Handbook is your guide
through Real World employment law

  • An attorney-prepared synthesis of your company policies

     based on careful legal analysis of information you provide


  • Practical, step-by-step instructions for handling your company’s typical employee interactions while staying legally protected from employee complaints. 


  • Easy-to-follow guidelines on sensitive matters, such as
    • Employment ads
    • Compensation
    • Sick pay, vacation, and paid time off
    • Tardiness and absenteeism
    • Bonuses and raises
    • Termination
    • Harrasment and other complaints


  • Real-world specifics

     concise, understandable, and tailored for your company



How the Morris method works

Our proven methodology: 

Step One : Initial Contact / Timeline / Price Quote
Step Two : Interview and Questionnaire Analysis
Step Three : Work Product Review
Step Four (optional): Management Q & A

What you should know about me:

“I represent employers exclusively I’ve done so for over 27 years. I have my own practice and maintain licenses in both North Carolina and Ohio.


“I specialize in employment and labor law on keeping my clients out of legal trouble so they can focus on their businesses.


“My approach is simple: Resolving potential conflict through clear, empathic communication. The result?  Substantial cost savings to my clients.


“And if conflict is unavoidable, my clients know that I’m a skilled and passionate advocate who has successfully defended businesses of all sizes in federal and state courts as well as administrative agencies, such as the EEOC.


Senior Professional in Human Resources

Society for Human Resource Management


Labor and Employment Law Specialist

Ohio State Bar Association

Civil Trial Advocate
National Board of Trial Advocacy

“Early on, I realized that employers in North Carolina needed simple, practical, step-by-step guidance to keep out of legal trouble so I began providing customized Employee Handbooks for my clients the”Morris Handbook“ a legal handbook used by many North Carolina businesses. 


“I’ve been trained in “social health” increasing the effectiveness of how we interact with others. This simple, practical approach to resolving conflict through “caring communication” results in real-world results: building healthy, nurturing, and supportive business relations for you and your employees.


“I have an abiding, affection for the land and people of Western North Carolina, deepened through my work with helping employers in Asheville, Weaverville, Fairview, Waynesville, Black Mountain in fact all across Buncombe and Henderson Counties. I’m committed to supporting my community personally and professionally. 


“So when I’m not busy keeping my clients out of legal trouble, you’ll find me volunteering at homeless shelters, and substance abuse/recovery programs in Asheville and all across Western North Carolina. I’m honored that Pisgah Legal Services and the United Way have recognized me for my volunteer services our community.”

Michele Morris


Let’s get started 


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Michele Morris

North Carolina Employment Law




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